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Big capaciity solar power light Solar home system
Product Details

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar LED Light System Description

The solar home system is a kind of solar lighting which  adopted environment friendly lithium batteries, reliable and stable PCB, Solar charging BMS IC, high-efficiency DC-DC boosting circuit, DC-DC synchronous step-down, over-current protection circuit, over-voltage protection circuit, Single chip microcomputer control circuit to create this solar power storage battery.

This solar home system not only for home lighting use,but also can charge your mobiles.As it is portable small solar led light system,you can use it no matter at home or camping,fishing,go hiking etc...


You can use adapter to charge it when at home,or use solar panel no matter at home or outside


With  4lights, can lighting the 4 rooms at the same time..

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Product Features

1.Green energy

2.Structure of  entire system is simple . Easy to operate

3. long-life solar panels - more than 20 years

4. Automatic lighting controller : with adjustable run time , over-current protection

5 Battery : maintenance-free , big capacity long-life battery

6.The primary use is a typical system for home use and camping time or emergency.

7.Flexible design for each request of Clients

8. Mobile phone charger, will be able to charge your cell phone for most types of the market.

Attention:Recharge the battery immediately after use.Recharge it every 3 month if the lamp is unused for a long  time.

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power

Solar Portable Outdoor Power