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What type of light pole should I get?

There are a number of types of light poles made from different materials, all of which have different strengths. For example, steel and aluminum poles are known to be very versatile and can withstand windy weather better than poles made from other materials. Aluminum poles are known for being relatively light weight and rust resistant, but also tend to be far more expensive than steel poles. Steel light poles are the most common for their strength and durability at a reasonable price.

The best part about aluminum and steel poles is that you can run wiring up internally, which decreases the chances of electrical issues down the road. These types of poles tend to have designated locations for junction boxes and switches, so that you can have easy access to the electrical system. Once your electrical is in place, there are plenty of options for installing lights at the top. Some adapters are mounted directly to the side of a pole, others sit like a cap on the top of the pole. Adapters can be made for both square and round poles that can make it easier to install more than one light. Every application is different and there is plenty of Parking Lot Light Accessories and options to cover whatever your need is.

Wooden light poles are generally the cheapest option, you can even find used or discarded telephone poles in your local area to use as light poles for your projects if you really need to keep the budget down. Unlike the steel and aluminum poles, wooden poles require the electrical wiring be run around the outside of the pole, which means that you will need to also do more work to weatherproof the electrical system. While you may save on the light pole, remember that it may cost more to run the all the wiring up the pole and keep it safe from rain and within electrical code. Wooden poles are also considered to be more environmentally friendly.

Fiberglass poles are known for being versatile and lightweight, but they are less durable and not as sturdy as poles made from steel or wood. In addition, they tend to be more expensive than steel, but are much more water resistant than either steel or wooden poles. Some areas are better suited for fiberglass light poles, such as those that have a lot of saltwater, road salt or fertilizer. This makes them good for beachfront locations or other similar areas.