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Solar street light replaces led street light for project in Indonesia

Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world, with over 265 million people in 2018.1 Gross domestic product (GDP) has been growing by around 5% annually over the past decade,2 while per-capita income has been concurrently growing by almost 4% annually. 3 The country’s steady economic growth has contributed to a doubling in electricity consumption, from 129 TWh in 2008 to 256 TWh in 2018.

In order to save power and commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Indonesia also begun to use solar street light in batches for urban road lighting construction and transformation. Our company cooperated with local engineering companies in Indonesia to participate in bidding activities and successfully won bids for many urban road construction projects. Recently, our company won the bid for the new road lighting project near the Pacific hotel

For this project, we chose HW-P01120 split-type street lights according to the project requirements. The street light is a product developed by the company in 2020 and has a good reputation from our customers since it entered the market. This street light uses Bridgelux 3030 lamp beads, 12V Charge controller with Intelligent power mode, the load power can adjust automatically according to the battery power, and uses TYPE II lens to achieve a good lighting effect;. in order to achieve the lighting effect specified by the project, we also set the working time and adjust the brightness according to the installation height and brightness requirements. Widely praised by customers.

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