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Unveiling the Power of Solar Energy with Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group


Discover the innovation, quality, and sustainability brought by Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group in the solar energy and household consumer product realm. Experience 20 years of excellence, innovation, and commitment to green energy solutions.


With a history spanning over two decades, Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group has established itself as a trailblazer in solar energy product development and manufacturing. Established in 2007, the group has continuously been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing solar-powered solutions aimed at transforming lives, promoting sustainability, and uplifting communities around the globe.

A Journey Spanning 20 Years

Throughout the course of 20 years, Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group has taken the lead in bringing innovation to the solar product market. With a diverse product portfolio ranging from solar street lights to solar home appliances, the group has effectively catered to various energy needs of customers spread across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Championing Solar Innovation

Hongwei Technology Group specializes in the development of a broad range of solar series products. These include solar street lights, solar flood lights, solar wall lights, solar garden lights, solar ceiling lights, solar fans, solar home appliances, solar portable outdoor power supplies, solar cameras, and more. The group also excels in the AloT series product development, showcasing their dedication to harnessing innovation and technology for a greener future.

Solar Street Light Products

Hongwei offers an extensive array of solar street light solutions. From the All-In-One Solar Street Light to the Split Solar Street Light, the group brings forth efficient and sustainable solutions for street lighting needs.

Diverse Solar Lighting Solutions

Beyond street lights, Hongwei also provides Solar Wall Lights, Solar Flood Lights, and Solar Garden Lights, designed to cater to varied lighting requirements. These products promise sustainability without compromising efficiency or design.

Solar Home Appliances and Power Systems

In addition to lighting solutions, Hongwei's product lineup also includes a range of Solar Home Appliances and Power Systems. This includes Solar Fans, Solar Cameras, and Solar Portable Outdoor Power systems. The group's commitment to creating efficient, solar-powered alternatives for everyday appliances and systems exemplifies their commitment to sustainable living.

World-Class Manufacturing Excellence

Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group takes pride in its world-class manufacturing capabilities. Certified under ISO 9001:2016, the group follows rigorous quality standards. With over 3,000 dedicated employees and a sprawling 60,000 square meter facility armed with advanced manufacturing equipment, the group ensures each product is crafted to perfection.

Why Choose Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group

Choosing Guangdong Hongwei means choosing quality, innovation, and sustainable living. With an excellent reputation in the solar energy products, household, and consumer electrical product fields, Hongwei is truly your one-stop-shop for all solar power needs. Whether you're seeking prototype services, injection mould, die casting mould, plastic parts, die casting parts, OEM/ODM PCBA, or finished household electrical products, Hongwei has got you covered.

In a world increasingly leaning towards green energy, Guangdong Hongwei Technology Group stands as a beacon of commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Trust in the promise of 20 years of experience and join us in building a greener, brighter future.